Scare Up Some Grub

October 30, 2009

draft_lens2108286module10818223photo_1218046882halloweenfood-candyapplesYes, it’s that time of year when evil creatures abound, and the scum of the netherworld infest society with their pestilence.  No, it’s not the Republican National Convention – it’s Halloween!

Am I being too obvious by doing a Halloween food post today?  Maybe, but I love Halloween, so here we are.  If you’re wondering how to make your Halloween meal more festive for the holiday, I have a few ideas.

They sell Halloween-themed cookie cutters – bats, pumpkins, ghosts, etc.  But you don’t have to use them for cookies.  Cut out fun shapes in bread and make Spooky Sandwiches, or bake a pizza and use the cutters to create Sinister Slices, or grill up some filet mignon and cut it into Freaky Filets…ok, maybe that last one is a bad idea.

Have some mini pumpkins?  Cut open the top, scoop out the innards well, and then put pasta with tomato sauce inside the cavity.  Replace the top and serve it, and tell the kids they’re about to eat pumpkin brains!

Hot dogs with ketchup can be concocted into some form of bloody finger display, and mac n’ cheese with red food coloring is another brain-like treat.

Make silly faces on apples, using honey to glue on raisins, candy, etc. to make eyes, noses, mouths.

Of course the scariest thing of all you can serve kids would be…broccoli!  Noooooooo!!  Oh, I meant that’s the scariest thing you could serve me. Never mind.

It’s the one day to make food look gross and get away with it, so have fun, get creative, and keep a taser on hand for when the kids’ sugar high gets out of control.

Happy Halloween from the Mouse House Kitchen!


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