The Desert Island Scenario

December 15, 2009

You know this game – if you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 movies with you, or 3 albums, or 3 books, etc., what would you bring?  I’m in a jaunty mood today, so I thought it would be fun to play this game with food.

So you’re marooned on an island, but somehow an oven, grill, microwave, deep-fryer (with oil) and stovetop wash up on the shore, along with cookware, a refrigerator and pantry and a huge generator that will never run out of electricity.  Yes, realism is essential for this game.

But the refrigerator and pantry only contain 5 foods – an endless supply of them, but these are the 5 foods you will have to eat for the rest of your stay on the island, possibly the rest of your life.  And not 5 ingredients – because then you can create a lot more dishes.  You have to pick 5 completed recipes (or stand-alone food items).  My island, my rules.

So what are they?  What are the foods that, in reality, you cannot resist when you see them on a menu or at a party?  Here are mine:

  1. Hummus – it’s healthy, delicious and filling.  It’s perfect.

  2. Shrimp tempura – it’s fairly unhealthy, delicious and filling.  It’s almost perfect.

  3. Pickles – they have been an obsession of mine since I was in high school.  Some would say it was an unhealthy obsession.  Luckily the pickle-mania has severely declined in the last 10 years or so, but I’d still want them on the island with me.

  4. Tandoori chicken – some Indian places do it better than others, but I’ve never had a bad version…and a less-good Tandoori chicken is usually better than any other kind of chicken.  Moist and tender and full of amazing flavor, it would be hard to live without it.

  5. Chocolate Mousse – the caveat here is that the version contained in the refrigerator would be chocolate mousse of the highest quality – the kind you get in 5-star establishments, not the chocolate-flavored whipped cream version you get at diners and middle-class chain restaurants.

What about YOU?



  1. If I’m stranded on a desert (or would “dessert” be more appropriate) island forever, bullocks to being healthy for health’s sake.

    1. Fajitas – Chicken, with all the trimmings and warm homemade tortillas. Hold the bell peppers. (between your knees)
    2. Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Rasberry Swirl milkshake. Not sure they even make this flavor anymore, but oh well.
    3. Something Thai… maybe Pad Kea Mow (Drunken noodles), or Green papaya salad, or garlic pepper chicken. Too many to choose from… I’ll have to ponder on that.
    4. Samosas
    5. Pasta with gorgonzola, olive oil, and lime juice. Simple and awesome.

    If I had #6, there’s be about 35 desserts to pick from.

  2. […] foods that I really love, but I wouldn’t say they were my one-and-only favorite.  There are foods I wouldn’t want to live without, but I don’t know if I’d necessarily affix the label of “favorite” to any one of them.  But […]

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