Home Cookin’

January 12, 2010

Sure, it might be strange to review a meal that was cooked and served by friends in their own home, but this blog is all about food, and food is what we had, and in truth, I think it’s funny to do this.  So I am.  Not like I have to worry about losing advertisers or anything, right?

We received a warm welcome upon arrival at the L family home (“L” for anonymity purposes), and we were immediately greeted by the wonderful aroma of garlic being sautéed.  The L’s do have a nice selection of beer to choose from, though their wine list is a bit lacking.  Our meal featured three components: lasagna, garlic bread, and escarole sautéed in olive oil with garlic.  The lasagna was wonderful – the meat was well seasoned, and the amounts of cheese and sauce were balanced perfectly.  The edges were nicely browned as well.  The escarole was also quite delicious – it was wilted just enough to be tender, but was not soggy.  The amount of garlic and oil was just right, as the dish needed no additional seasoning at all.  There was some discussion as to whether or not the garlic bread was homemade, but it was buttery and crisp and complimented the meal well.

The odd thing about having a meal at the L house is that you are required to bring your own dessert, but it’s a small price to pay for eating a great dinner and not having to wash dishes.

All in all, I highly recommend the L family kitchen to anyone who knows who they are.


One comment

  1. The “L”‘s sound like quite a cultured couple eh? Hmmm, yes the lasagna sounds like it was perfect…and escacole sauteed in garlic? Who does cooks escarole these days?

    I would imagine that in their busy lives they must have had to settle for Pepperidge Farms “Texas Toast” but I’m just guessing, do they have any children? That may explain the generic garlic bread choice if it wasn’t home made.

    Clearly you must be from California since in the Northeast (and most of the other 49 states for that matter) the guests are usually expected to bring something sweet for the end of the meal. Of course, if their wine selection is lacking, a bottle of wine will suffice.


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