A Perky Cafe

January 14, 2010

I discovered a relatively new dining locale last night, and its proximity to my residence and its inexpensiveness will bring me back.  Café Perk Ups is located in the Crestwood Plaza, on Whitehall Road across from the St. Sofia Greek Orthodox Church.  This unassuming little eatery offers a bevy of coffee and tea creations, but what drew me to this establishment was their food menu, which offers panini, wraps, breakfast, and most notably, crepes.  The crepe menu contains 26 ingredients from which to choose, from veggies like spinach, tomatoes and artichokes to proteins like ham, sausage and sliced turkey, to 6 different cheeses.  It was a bit difficult to choose (they do offer a few pre-conceived combination ideas if you really can’t decide), but I finally went with grilled chicken, caramelized onions, hot peppers and Jack cheese.  My dining companion decided on a crepe with spinach, bacon and Feta cheese.  Our smaller diner opted for breakfast: eggs and bacon.

All of the food is cooked to order – nothing is pre-made.  The crepes themselves were cooked quite well – firm enough to hold the filling inside, but with the right amount of softness.  My chicken was great, and the hot peppers gave it a nice kick.  The spinach, bacon and Feta crepe was a nice combination as well.  My only complaint would be that the crepe concoctions were a bit dry – they could have used a little dressing or sauce.

The crepes were served with a side of bland pasta salad (which is probably the one thing not made in-house).  The meals were filling, but not quite enough so to skip dessert, so we ordered the chocolate mousse crepe.  The crepe itself was, again, cooked perfectly.  The mousse, while having a good flavor, completely liquefied inside the warm crepe, thereby ridding itself of any mousse-like texture.  The whipped cream and strawberries served on the side were a nice touch.

You can order anything on the menu at any time of the day, and they do have a nice selection of omelets and other breakfast items to choose from.  It’s all very reasonably priced – our three crepes and the eggs and bacon, plus two drinks, came to $22.  They also offer free Wi-Fi, so it’s a nice place to grab some coffee and a crepe, and do a little internetting.

The unfortunate thing about Café Perk Ups is their location.  Unless you live in the neighborhood and/or go to Spinner’s Pizza often (which is also located in Crestwood Plaza and does quite well), you probably wouldn’t know it existed.  But now after this rave review, I’m sure their business will triple…so spread the word!  The Mouse House Kitchen gives Cafe Perk Ups 3 out of 5 stars!

Visit them online at www.cafeperkups.com.


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