The Cola Challenge

January 28, 2010

I know it’s been tearing you up inside, waiting for the results of my cola taste test.  So let me ease your suffering – the results are in!  As I informed you I would be doing on Tuesday, I did a blind taste test comparing Coke, Pepsi, and the new Pepsi Throwback, made with real sugar instead of corn syrup.  So here’s how it went down:

Cup #1 – pretty sweet, with a real syrupy finish to it.

Cup #2 – distinctly less sweet than #1, with no syrupy texture at all.

Cup #3 – similar to #2, but slightly sweeter and with a very slight syrupy finish.

Using classic scientific method, I first deduced that because #2 and #3 were similar, that #1 must be Pepsi Throwback, since it was made with a different ingredient than #2 and #3.  I then at first thought #2 was Coke and #3 was Pepsi, since I always thought Pepsi was slightly sweeter than Coke and I liked #2 better.  But I hesitated, because when I took an official “Pepsi Challenge” several years ago, I assumed that the one I liked best was Coke, and it turned out I was wrong in that instance (although I still contend that Pepsi rigs those challenges).  But anyway, I decided to trust my gut last night and stuck with #2 being Coke and #3 Pepsi.

It turns out that I got all three correct! Not that I’m going to put it on my resume or anything, but I was mildly impressed with myself.  So despite using real sugar and no corn syrup, Pepsi Throwback was far sweeter and syrupy than Coke and Pepsi.  Seems like it would be the opposite, but the taste buds don’t lie.

It’s been my pleasure to inform you, the public, about this critical issue.  Please use the knowledge you’ve gained wisely.


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