The Way to Your Valentine’s Heart

February 11, 2010

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday with no significance, other than the fact that you spend money on stuff you wouldn’t normally spend money on.  And it’s an exclusive holiday, in that those without spouses or significant others can be made to feel lonely and unloved.  However, it can also be a very romantic day for those who participate, so it got me thinking about food and romance.

The first Valentine’s Day that my wife and I celebrated was only about 2 weeks after we had started dating.  I kicked my roommate out of our dorm room, ordered a pizza, borrowed some candles and a tablecloth from some girls down the hall (who were all too excited to help me out), and I pilfered plates and utensils from the dining hall.  So we had a candlelit pizza dinner in the middle of my dorm room.  I even borrowed some piano music from someone (I had no “dinner music” in my cassette collection…yes, cassettes…now you know how old I am).  For a 19-year old guy with little romantic experience to speak of, I thought I did pretty darn well.  And heck, we got married 5 years later, so there you go.

But I have come to realize that food itself can be romantic – when you share a morsel of something that is so delectable, so amazingly good, it can create an emotional connection between two people.  For example, a few months ago my wife and I got out for an evening (a rare occasion) and for the first time, we tried pork belly.  Now that certainly does not sound like the most romantic of foods, but let me tell you – this superb slice of heaven was so melt-in-your-mouth delicious that we both looked at each other with pure satisfaction, so appreciative that we were each intensely enjoying the same thing.

So what’s your romantic food story?  What foods conjure up feelings of love, sexuality or passion?  What’s the most romantic meal you’ve had?  Inquiring Mouse House Kitchens want to know!

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s recipe…it’s an easy dessert that will make your valentine – or anyone for that matter – quiver with delight.


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