Beyond the Popcorn

February 26, 2010

Oscar season is upon us, movies are in the air…and Chow.com had a cool idea of putting a list together of 10 memorable food scenes in film history.  You can see their list here, but I think their list has a few glaring omissions (at least one anyway).  Here are a few scenes that spring to mind for me:

  1. Animal House – John Belushi’s impression of a bursting zit, using hard boiled eggs, is immature comedy at its best.

  2. Stand By Me – continuing with the immaturity theme, the pie eating contest – or “the barf-o-rama scene” – is gross and hilarious.

  3. Julie & Julia – the opening scene in Paris where Julia Child (Meryl Streep) and her husband Paul (Stanley Tucci) are served a dish in a restaurant, and they cannot contain their utter ecstasy at how delicious it is, reduced to grunts and moans of delight.  Been there.

  4. Hot Shots – spoofing a scene from 9 ½ Weeks, Charlie Sheen cooks a full breakfast on Valeria Golino’s belly (since her body is so hot with passion), including eggs, bacon and hash browns.

  5. Ratatouille – a bit corny, but the scene near the end where the cold, heartless restaurant critic takes a bite of the ratatouille and is instantly transported back to his warm childhood memories of the dish, and then, very Grinch-like, his heart grows three sizes.  Like I said, it’s corny, but it lovingly demonstrates the power of food.

So what are your favorite food scenes in film?



  1. You can’t leave off the famous “On the side” scene in “When Harry Met Sally”. I agree about “Stand By Me” but I laughed even harder when I read the scene in “The Body” the novella on which the movie is based. And for immature comedy, there is the chocolate-eating scene with Seann William Scott in “American Wedding”.

  2. You all may be too young to know it, but the best food scene ever is in “Tom Jones” with a very young Albert Finney. It shows how sexual food can be without having to get an “R” rating.

  3. Love your blog Eric. Did you see that the Food Channel is starting another channel because they have too much content? I keep thinking they would love to use your talent. What if you just send the link to your blog with a cover letter. We could start a FB campaign for you. Seems like it worked for BW on SNL.

    • And the blog loves you!! Thanks so much…as for the Food Network, I’ve always said I have a face (and body) for radio. But I’ll consider it!

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