The Green Eggs and Ham Moment

March 4, 2010

In a coincidental nod to Dr. Seuss’ birthday a few days ago, I was discussing the moral of Green Eggs and Ham with my young son at dinner last night, because through his facial gesticulation he suggested the chicken I made for dinner was not up to his standard of quality.  I told him I was sorry he didn’t like it (and to be honest I wasn’t thrilled with it either…a new recipe that was not a winner), but that I was very happy that he at least tried it.  We talked about how it’s ok if he doesn’t like something, as long as he tries it.  He somehow implied that he wouldn’t like anything that he had to be convinced to try, which is when the Seuss story came up.

“Remember when the guy kept saying he didn’t like green eggs and ham?”


“And then Sam finally gets him to try them?”


“Then what happened?”

“He LIKED it!!”

So it seemed, at least at the time, that he got the point of the story – it may have been the first time he’s connected a story’s message to a real-life experience.  But the reason I bring it up here doesn’t have to with kids and their eating habits.  I started thinking about my own “Green Eggs and Ham Moment” – when you try something that you expect to dislike, and you end up loving it.  The one that comes up in recent memory for me is fish (not shellfish – I’ve always liked that).  I grew up having fish once a week – salmon, shark, turbot, orange roughy…and I never cared for any of it.  Once I left home, I never ate fish at all.  But a few years ago, my wife and I were out to dinner with my parents – the same parents who turned me off fish as a young boy.  We were at a tapas restaurant, and they ordered a sea bass dish.  Perhaps the alcohol we’d been consuming enhanced our bravery, but my wife and I decided to try it.  And in my son’s words, “We LIKED it!!”  We did like green eggs and…I mean, sea bass!  Since then, we now eat fish about once a week.

The other food that comes to mind is escargot.  I was on a cruise, and I’m not sure why I even agreed to try the dish, or who convinced me to do so.  I would not eat them on a boat, I thought.  But try them I did, and yes, I LIKED it!

Please tell me about your “Green Eggs and Ham Moments!”


One comment

  1. You had another Green Eggs and Ham moment at a work event a couple years ago. I still can’t believe how shocked I was when you came home and said you drank wine!

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