The Jalapeno Experiment

March 8, 2010

I was speaking with one of my oldest and dearest friends the other day, and she told me something I never knew about her – she does not like breaded, fried foods.  News to me!  After a few probing questions on my part, I asked her if there was anything breaded and fried that she did eat, and she said that she liked jalapeno poppers, though she wishes they were not breaded.  So I clarified that she was describing a roasted jalapeno stuffed with cheese – she was.  “I can do that,” I said.  And so this weekend, I did.  The results were…ok.  I wasn’t really working with a recipe, I was just winging it.  The recipe that follows is a general estimate of the amounts of ingredients I used.  Check it out, and then see my notes below on what I will do differently next time.  Kudos to Lisa for the idea – enjoy!

Lisa-Inspired Roasted Stuffed Jalapenos

(servings depend on how many jalapenos you buy – I used 6 for 2 people)

6 jalapenos (the bigger the better)

¼ cup shredded cheddar

2 scallions, diced

½ tsp. salt

4 oz. cream cheese, softened

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Cut the tops off the peppers, about ¼ inch – save.  Use a small implement to scoop out the seeds and veins of the peppers.  Mix cheddar, scallions, cream cheese and salt in a bowl.  Fill each pepper cavity with cheese mixture, not overflowing too much.  Replace the tops of the peppers on the overflowing cheese mixture.  Place peppers in a roasting pan and cook for 20 minutes.  Eat!

*NOTES:  next time, I will pan-roast the peppers for maybe 5 minutes before adding the cheese mixture.  This will help soften the peppers and give them a nice char.  I think I will also make the cheddar-cream cheese ratio much closer.  Of course if anyone knows a better recipe, please let us know here at the Mouse House Kitchen!



  1. They look really yummy! Maybe since the seeds are the spicy part of the pepper, you could incorporate some of the seeds into the cheese mixture for some extra kick.

    • Thanks for the reminder about that – I meant to say in my notes that I was also going to leave in a little of the seeds and veins next time, since I like them spicier than they turned out.

  2. I think the breaded and fried part is what makes these “better” than just cream cheese stuffed jalapenos. I am not a fan of breaded and fried either so I avoid these but the crunch and creaminess are what give this the appeal. Not sure there is much you can do to tweak the roasted recipe…props for trying though!

    • I think with the tweaks I listed (and in the above comment) they will be really good…it’s not that these were bad, far from it…but they can be much better. Maybe I’ll add some bacon or something too…

  3. I still think you’re wrong–they were great just the way they were.

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