Lactose Tolerance

March 11, 2010

Is there a thing as having too natural a food?  I know the organic food movement is important for many reasons, but tell me what you think of this story (special thanks to reader Sally for making me aware of it!):


I’m sure if I tasted it, not knowing what it was made from, I’d probably like it – it’s hard to find a cheese I don’t enjoy.  But armed with the pertinent info, I wonder how my taste buds would react.  I think the weirdest thing would be pondering the owner of the DNA within the cheese, should the product begin to be mass-marketed.  Would we see different brands of human milk cheese sprout up, some touting that their cheese is made from “only the finest, healthiest young women?”  Would racial debates ignite over differences in taste in, say, Caucasian milk vs. Latino milk?  Would the dairy industry have to sell their cows to the beef trade?  Would Packer fans wear giant breasts on their heads instead of blocks of cheddar?  Am I asking ridiculous questions?  Probably.  Food for thought though, no?



  1. You missed the Post article today that had food critics opine re: said cheese.


    No I didn’t read it – the blurb on Grub Street was plenty. Thanks. Bye.

  2. I like how she has to defend her milk’s health…what a crazy story.

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