Squeak To Me

March 18, 2010

I probably should have made this a post early on in this blog’s existence, but better late than never, so…let your voice be heard!  Tell the Mouse House Kitchen what kinds of food-related topics you’d like to see addressed here. Are you looking for specific recipe ideas, or are you interested in a particular ingredient?  Please let us know!  The communication we get from our readers is what keeps the oven burning here, so open the cranial floodgates and give us a piece of your mind!  Thanks so much for reading!



  1. It is said that in Europe in the Middle-Ages, stews were popular because there was an abundance of fuel but few hands to help with cooking. Stews could cook all day without supervision. Contrariwise, in China, there were plenty of hands but little fuel, so foods were cooked quickly in woks. Discuss the difference between slow-cooking and fast-cooking. Advantages? Disadvantages? Tips and tricks? Good luck.

  2. Very good idea. I will address it in an upcoming post. Thanks!

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