Recipe of the Week!

March 24, 2010

Have you ever found it ironic that deviled eggs are served at church functions?  Regardless, deviled eggs are one of my all-time favorite foods.  If I had no willpower at all, I could eat an entire dozen (24 halves) of them at once.  I’d be sick, but I’d be in ecstasy until then.  One way to control myself is to turn the marvelous dish into a sandwich…just one sandwich.  This recipe combines the staple ingredients of deviled eggs – mayo, mustard, pickles and paprika – plus a couple of my own twists, along with the texture of the firm but tender egg white, and turns it all into the best egg salad sandwich ever, guaranteed (guarantee not an actual guarantee). Good enough, in fact, to be this week’s Recipe of the Week!  Enjoy.

The Mouse House Kitchen’s Deviled Egg Salad Sandwich

(makes 2 sandwiches)

5 eggs, hard-boiled and peeled

2 scallions, diced

1 tsp. spicy brown mustard

¼ cup diced pickles OR 2 tbsp. pickle relish

¼ tsp. paprika

Dash Worcestershire sauce

3 tbsp. mayo

4 slices white or wheat bread

2 lettuce leaves (Romaine, Boston, green or red leaf)

Scoop the yolks from the egg whites and place into a bowl.  Coarsely chop the whites and add to the bowl along with scallions, mustard, pickles (or relish), paprika, Worcestershire and mayo.  Mix well (you may want to add more mayo if it’s too dry).  Scoop equal amounts of egg mixture on to two slices of bread.  Top each slice with a lettuce leaf and other bread half.  Slice and serve.  Eat!



  1. I’ve never been to a church function.

    • You’re obviously missing out on some good food.

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