Good Food on TV

April 8, 2010

A new season of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters began last night, and it’s off to a rollicking start.  For those unfamiliar, it follows the same general format as the regular Top Chef series – contestants face cooking challenges, and each week someone is eliminated from the competition.  But the Masters series has a few differences that set it apart from the original show, and make it a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

First, the contestant that “wins” each week does not return the following week – he/she qualifies for the “championship round” that airs later in the season.  Second, the contestants are not simply aspiring professionals…they are veteran chefs that have made their mark on the industry.  This leads to the third difference between the Masters and the regular Top Chef – because these culinary wizards are who they are, you don’t get the back-stabbing and petty quibbling usually seen on every other reality show, including Top Chef.  Each Master is professional and helpful toward their fellow competitors, which really is a refreshing change of pace.

Last season, my hero and man-crush Rick Bayless won the whole shebang…I’m sure he’ll make an appearance as a guest judge or something this season.  So if you want to see some incredible food made under highly unusual constraints and restrictions, tune in to Top Chef Masters on Bravo, Wednesdays at 10:00PM.  Enjoy.


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