Cilantro: Friend or Foe?

April 15, 2010

We here at the Mouse House Kitchen like to think that we have a good read on the pulse of culinary trends around the nation, from the home kitchens to the casual chains, from the local dives to the fine dining establishments.  But today something was brought to our attention that caught us completely off-guard:  there is a segment of the population that HATES CILANTRO.  There are no less than five Facebook pages devoted to the disgust of the seemingly innocuous herb. 

I know, you’re saying, “Huh??” just like we are.  Obviously some people are going to dislike a consumable substance – I’ve heard people say they hate fish or broccoli or even blue cheese (blasphemous!), but cilantro?  That innocent, frail little flavor enhancer used around the world?  How could anyone hate that?  Maybe being from California where cilantro is quite prevalent, I wasn’t exposed to the cilantro-hating factions of society.  But even here in the Northeast, I haven’t come across anyone who professed a dislike for the diminutive aromatic plant.  But apparently there are people who do in fact hate cilantro!  Check out this NY Times article and then let us know what you think!


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