Food Network 2

June 3, 2010

Sometime during the late 80’s/early 90’s, MTV felt compelled to create a new channel (imaginatively called “MTV 2”) which would be devoted to music videos, because the original network was venturing deeply into that new fad called “reality television.”  Now it seems that the Food Network is having a similar issue, because they have just launched their new station “The Cooking Channel” (imagination working overtime again), presumably because the Food Network has gotten away from straight-up “cooking” shows, focusing more on competitions and food documentaries.

Check out the web site here.  It seems they will have a good variety of cooking shows, from “Indian Food Made Easy” to something called “Two Fat Ladies,” as well as airing old Julia Child programs.  We’ll see how long this new channel lasts – MTV 2 eventually dropped its music videos for even more reality programming.  But I’ll give it a shot.  Enjoy.



  1. I was on board until I saw that Emeril and Rachel “EVOO” Ray (and most of the other bigger FoodNet chefs) were going to have shows there.

    Seriously, can we have food television without schlocky catch phrases and with new, fresh talent? I want Bam!-free cooking, damn it.

    Two Fat Ladies is an older BBC show, by the way. They were quite entertaining as I’m certain they were pretty much smashed the whole time.

    We don’t get Cooking Channel on our cable package so I can’t watch for myself. I’ll still peruse the website for inspiration and recipes, though.

    • I agree, I was hoping the Rachael Rays and Emerils would be absent from this new channel, but it looks like their roles may be limited. The actual shows seem to be hosted by mainly unknowns, so hopefully they’ll be good.

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