Because People Like to Say “Salsa”

June 14, 2010

I think Rick Bayless ought to hire the Mouse House Kitchen as his PR company, considering the amount of good publicity we give him.  And here we go again.  At the request of a party host to bring “chips and salsa” to his house this weekend, I made two Bayless salsas that are sure to impress anyone. They are so easy to make, and they both use almost identical ingredients, but the end results are quite different in both color and flavor.  The fresh tomatillo salsa takes about 5 minutes to make, and the spiciness can be adjusted – just scrape off the seeds and veins from the jalapeno if you want a mild salsa.  It will still be very flavorful and delicious.  The smoky chipotle salsa is spicy, but it’s also a cinch to make in very little time.  What follows is the shopping list for what you’ll need for both salsas – the individual recipes will tell you how much of each to use for each salsa.  Serve with tortilla chips or warm tortillas.  Enjoy!


1 lb. (about 8 medium) tomatillos, husked and rinsed

3 cloves garlic, peeled

1 jalapeno, stemmed and chopped

½ cup fresh cilantro

½ cup water

2 canned chipotles in adobo sauce

1 tsp. salt, divided

Fresh Tomatillo Salsa

Chop  ½ lb. (about 4 medium) tomatillos into quarters.  Place the tomatillos, 1 garlic clove, jalapeno, cilantro and ½ tsp. salt into a blender or food processor.  Pulse until coarsely pureed.  Add a little water if too thick. Use within one hour.

Smoky Chipotle Salsa

Heat a non-stick skillet over med-high heat.  Cut ½ lb. (about 4 medium) tomatillos in half.  Place tomatillos cut-side down in skillet with 2 cloves garlic, and cook until well-browned, about 3-4 minutes.  Turn tomatillos and garlic over and brown other side, another 3-4 minutes. Scoop tomatillos and garlic into a blender or food processor, along with chipotles, ½ tsp. salt and water. Pulse until blended, transfer to serving bowl and let cool.  Eat!



  1. […] Fresh salsa is critical – pouring on the Old El Paso just won’t cut it.  We recommend one of these quick and easy winners.  Of course if you just can’t bring yourself to use the crunchy U-shaped shell, filling a nice […]

  2. thanks for these two salsa recipes–they look muy bueno!

    If you are into short cuts, at least on occasion (I know I am!), then a quick tomatillo salsa can be had in seconds if you start with a store bought bottle of salsa verde (Goya’s is passable). In a food processor combine fresh garlic, fresh cilantro, jalapeno peppers (as many as you like), and fresh lime juice. Pulse until combined and to the consistency you prefer. Then add to the store bought salsa verde. It’s great for dip–but we usually use it in chicken enchiladas. Mmmmm…

    • Sounds like it’s the same, you just skip the tomatillo step. But I’m sure it’s still good. 🙂
      And honestly, the Frontera brand of tomatillo salsa (Rick Bayless’ brand) is really really good for store-bought. Thanks for commenting!

  3. […] adding a layer of buttery creaminess to the dish.  We recommend either making your own salsa (one of these will do), or using Bayless’ brand Frontera if your supermarket carries it. Serve these with some fresh […]

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