World Cup of Cuisine

July 8, 2010

On Sunday, Spain and the Netherlands will battle for the title of Greatest Country in the World, at least as far as soccer goes, and if each country’s national dish is any indication of who will win, it looks like Spain by a country mile.  Spain’s national dish is paella, which can be prepared in many variations, but is essentially chicken, sausage, seafood and vegetables cooked with saffron rice and chicken broth.  The authentic preparation is done in a special paella pan which allows the rice to get crispy but still be tender.  I’ve had versions that had only seafood, ones that had only chicken or sausage, etc.  But however it’s made, it’s a bright and colorful dish with differing textures and flavors, and always satisfies.

And now let’s take a look at Holland’s national dish, the broodje haring, which translates to “raw herring sandwich.”  Yup.  Now I don’t want to be too judgmental – I have not experienced broodje haring myself, and I would not want to cast dispersions on it without trying it.  From simplysandwiches.com:  “It’s served filleted with some chopped onions, boring pickles and a little mayonnaise in a soft hot-dog bun. It’s cold and a bit mushy, but has a refreshing freshness and bite from the onions and pickles that it’s a pleasure to eat.”  But just looking at it, especially compared to paella, makes me think that Spain will win the game 12-0. 

   So it’s…                   PAELLA                                       vs.                               BROODJE HARING








Who will win??


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