Orlando Finally Gets Chopped

September 29, 2010

Upstate New York’s celebrity chef Ric Orlando experienced something last night on the Food Network’s “Chopped Champions” show that he hadn’t experienced before:  he got chopped.  After a decisive victory several weeks ago, and then a close but triumphant finish on last week’s episode, Orlando could not get past the entree round last night and fell to defeat.  His appetizer went over fairly well – he made fried gooey duck (which is basically a large clam) with a black radish salad.  His entree – which needed to include rack of wild boar, smelt (like sardines), dried currants, and cheese curls – fell short.  He tried to roast the boar, but after cutting into it, it was raw in the middle.  He tried to salvage it by cutting it into chops and pan frying them, but ultimately the middle got tough and unpleasant for the judges (though they raved about the mac n’ cheese he made with the cheese curls and currants). 

So while the $50,000 grand prize escaped Orlando’s grasp, appearing three times on the show has certainly garnered him a lot of national attention.  So congrats on a great run by Chef Orlando!


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