Pink Hair and Soft Pretzels

October 29, 2010

My day job has been running me ragged lately, but today, finally, I have a moment to post to the blog, neglected these last few weeks.  I have been traveling around New York’s Capital Region, visiting 30 different places in the last 35 days.  How does this relate to food, you ask?  Well in many of these locations, I have been presented the opportunity to eat one of my favorite snack foods – the soft pretzel.  For some reason, they have been following me around on my journeys of late. 

I love soft pretzels.  I love the ones you buy frozen and microwave.  I love the lukewarm, slightly stale ones available at sporting events and bowling alleys.  I even like the ones at Target of all places.  I’m not a fan of the fancy flavored ones, with stuff baked into the dough or anything.  I just like them plain with salt.  Perfect. 

One of the locations had the standard Super Pretzels, the ones that rotate slowly on a rotissierie of sorts, the ones you find at concession stands in arenas.  Yum.  The next place was a corporate cafeteria at a health insurance company’s headquarters – their cafeteria was a sprawling, impressive array with freshly grilled burgers, made-to-order sandwiches, a salad bar, and fresh soft pretzels.  Delicious…although now I know why insurance premiums are so high.  At another location I found myself next door to a Philly Soft Pretzel Factory, a chain in the Northeast.  Very tasty, but the so-called “hot” mustard accompanying it was “medium” at best.  Lastly I had the privilege of feasting on the “beer pretzels” at Brown’s Brewing in Troy.  These massive, fluffy and delicious pretzels come straight from the oven to the plate, served with a fantastic ale mustard that only enhances the pretzel’s already wonderful flavor. 

So while the last month has been trying, at least I’ve been able to eat one of my favorite foods along the way.  If you have a favorite soft pretzel, let me know what and where!  Enjoy.


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