There’s No Food Like Snow Food

November 8, 2010

The weather is really misbehaving today – for some reason it’s got it in its head that it’s January, not early November.  Snow is falling today, and in the midst of our confusion, we here at the MHK decided to search for “snow food” online.  As with anything else you might search for, we found something.  The following comes to us courtesy of cafemom.com, and we present it to you as an educational tool.  Enjoy!

Snow food is snow terrific

By Mrs. Katie Martin

Be prepared to make “snow food.” Go ahead and get a few ingredients, and keep them around “just in case.”

Above all, make a snow angel or two, make a snowman, or throw a snowball. If you are out there to gather snow for your “snow food,” you might as well have fun.

Before you begin, you need to remember a few things. Always remember that all of the snow used in “snow food” needs to be clean snow. Make sure animals or children have not been in it. Search for the clean places where snow may have accumulated, like the top of your car. Take off just the top layer to make sure it is clean.

It is an old tradition that “snow food” should not be made until the second snow. The first snow just cleans the air. So, it should not be eaten.

To make your basic snow cream you will need the following:

Snow Cream

Bowl of snow
1 tablespoon confectioner’s sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
A little bit of cream
Mix all ingredients. Mmmm!

Another variation calls for the following:

Snow “Ice Cream”

Large mixing bowl of snow
1 cup or more of whole milk
Sugar to taste
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup snow

Mix snow, vanilla and sugar. Then add whole milk, until desired consistency is reached. You may decide you want more or less milk. Some people use coconut extract instead of vanilla. It is all a matter of personal preference. If you have a particularly bad winter, you will have more snow to experiment with.

Other people are fanatics about maple syrup cream. There is a big debate about whether pancake syrup can be used, or if one must only use pure maple syrup. To make this form of cream follow the directions below.

Maple Syrup Cream

Heat maple syrup until warm—not hot!

Pour over 1 bowl of clean snow

Add more snow until desired consistency is reached.

If one is making the basic snow cream or ice cream recipes, you can always puree a banana and add it to your ingredients. If that doesn’t sound good, add fresh sweetened strawberries to your snow cream.

Chocolate Snow Cream

Large mixing bowl of snow
1 14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk
As much chocolate syrup as you want.
Mix, until all is just right.

Everyone has their favorites. Some like confectioner’s sugar better than regular sugar. Others have a favorite type of milk. As a rule you use less evaporated milk than regular milk. If you use evaporated milk, you will use more sugar. When you use condensed milk, you will use less sugar.


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  1. I know a certain 3-year-old boy who will love trying this!

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