The Turkey of Tomorrow

November 22, 2010

We realize that today’s topic is fairly common throughout the blogosphere at this time of year, but nonetheless, since we at the MHK have not tackled it before, here is our chance.  Leftover turkey can be a wonderful thing – I might even go so far as to say that I prefer it to the freshly roasted bird the night before.  Here are a few ideas to gobble up that extra poultry before you get tired of it.  Enjoy!

  • Turkey tacos/quesadillas:  just use it as you would chicken – heat it up and stuff it into a tortilla with cheese, beans, salsa, etc.  Delicioso.

  • Chef/Cobb salad:  these are always better with fresh proteins, but for a twist, use arugula or watercress instead of regular lettuce.  Toss with some gourmet cheese, veggies and your favorite dressing.

  • Turkey salad:  use the MHK’s chicken salad recipe, and just substitute turkey for the chicken.  It will be the best turkey salad you’ve ever had.

  • Turkey sandwich:  obviously a no-brainer here, but honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Pile the turkey breast on wheat bread with some mayo and lettuce (and maybe a slice of bacon or two if you’re feeling like you didn’t eat quite enough salt and fat on Thanksgiving), and you’re in turkey heaven.


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