I Like it on Top…of Pizza

December 3, 2010

I got in a discussion the other day about pizza, specifically pizza toppings.  We were talking about what our absolute favorites were, and what kind of sauce went best with what toppings.  So for a fun Friday diversion, tell me what your favorite pizza topping is (or two, but let’s keep things to a minimum here).  And also tell me what kind of sauce works best for you, like tomato, white pizza, pesto, etc.

I’ll start – if I had to pick one topping for pizza, and only one, I would pick salami.  Most places don’t include this fine meat as an option, but chances are if they also make sandwiches and such, they have salami on hand.  Just ask them to chop it up and put it on the pizza – you will not regret it.  Fresh garlic is another of my must-haves.  My favorite pizza sauce is probably pesto – one of my all-time favorite pizzas was from Woodstock’s in Santa Barbara.  Their pesto pizza with grilled chicken satisfied me on many a beer-filled night.  And the only thing I actually enjoy eating at the Olive Garden is their chicken Alfredo pizza – Alfredo sauce, cheese, scallions and grilled chicken.  Healthy?  No.  Yummy?  Yes. 

Your turn!



  1. No sauce, just grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella.

  2. Sausage & onions seems to be a great old standby of mine. Pesto? Probably tastes great on the west coast. Here on the east coast we keep it real with tomato sauce. I will put this out there though, when I went to Italy, every pizza place had at least one pie that came with potato on it. YUM!

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