Lunch Meatings

January 17, 2011

It’s a corporate lunch meeting.  It’s boring.  Not just the meeting, but the lunch.  It’s the same old processed deli meats and cheeses, flaccid bread, mushy tomatoes and lettuce, and a bag of chips on the side.  Sound familiar?  Granted, some of us would be glad to have a free lunch of any kind, but if you’re in charge of ordering these kinds of meals (or you know the person that is), chances are there are some much more interesting options available to you.

Moe’s has good catering options like a fajita bar, salad bar, and their taco bar, plus chips and salsa.  If you don’t have a Moe’s nearby, there may be a similar place that does Mexican/Southwest catering.

The Pasta Factory also does corporate cookery, delivering trays of relatively inexpensive pasta and sauces, as well as salads and appetizers.  It might be worth checking out a local pasta eatery near you to see if they do catering.

If you do want to go the deli route, try a local Italian or Greek market instead of a chain sandwich shop.  The meats and cheeses will be fresher and tastier, and they have things like antipasto and other interesting salads, so you’re not stuck with boring old chips.

Pizza is sometimes a popular option, but the next time you order, twist things up a bit.  Try some calzones or strombolis, or maybe meatball subs or sausage and peppers.

We welcome any other ideas you have or have experienced for unique ways to liven up the old boring corporate lunch meeting.  Enjoy!


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