The To-Go Food Blues

February 10, 2011

One night a week we give the MHK staff a break from cooking and order takeout food (or “takeaway” for you British readers).  We have a few places we like to patronize, mainly because the food is consistently decent and reasonably priced.  But occasionally, the convenience of getting a to-go order is overshadowed by the order being wrong.  Maybe I’m being overdramatic about it, but even a slight error in a takeout order can ruin the whole meal for me.  Case in point was last night’s meal.  We visited our favorite neighborhood market, Ragonese Italian Imports.  It’s a great place, making sandwiches to order with quality meats and cheeses; plus they have freshly made meatballs, sausages, chicken cutlets, lasagna, ziti, antipasto, marinated peppers, etc., along with fresh bread and desserts.  The staff is very friendly, and it’s just a nice place to have nearby.  98% of the time, we’ve never had a problem with our order.  But last night they omitted a crucial part of my sandwich, and it put me in a terrible mood as we dined at home.  I ordered a turkey sandwich with bacon, my favorite sandwich.  I got home, unwrapped my sandwich, and there was no bacon.  Trivial?  Maybe.  But without the bacon, all I had was a turkey sandwich.  And I didn’t want a turkey sandwich.  I could make a turkey sandwich at home.  Since we don’t usually have bacon in the MHK (unless we’re making a recipe that calls for it), I relied on the market to satisfy my salty pork product craving.  And they failed.  So while the rest of the family enjoyed their correctly made meals, I pouted and muttered under my breath.

What do you do when a place messes up your takeout order?  It was suggested (not too seriously, I think) that I should have called the market and asked them to deliver the bacon-gone-astray to my house.  I’m sure they would not have done that, and yes, it was just a few pieces of bacon, and I got over it.  There is a level of trust that you place with an eatery when you order takeout – how many of us actually open everything when we pick up an order and check to make sure it’s all 100% accurate?  I suppose if it were something serious like ordering a vegetarian burrito and getting one stuffed with beef, you would return to the restaurant and exchange it.  But should places make house calls for that type of thing? It’s so inconvenient to go back and get the correct order; do most people just eat what they get and sulk, like I did last night?  I suppose if these erroneous orders turned into a pattern, I’d simply not order from there anymore.  But since, as I said, 98% of the time they do it right, I’ll just have to suck it up when they screw up and get over it.  Let us know what you think!



  1. Um…so this is not totally on topic because this place did not mess up my order. I could not help myself because I was in the nabe and I stopped in at Mexican Market on Central. The tacos didn’t make it out of the parking lot. I am sorry 😦 but it was so worth it.

  2. Yes, the MHK will be stopping by and reviewing this new eatery/market soon. Our raging jealousy at your comment has been subdued.

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