30,000 Hits!

May 9, 2011

Imagine our surprise when we poked our little mouse heads out of our mouse holes today and saw that the MHK blog had reached 30,000 hits over the weekend! It seems like only 3 months ago that we hit 20,000…because it was only 3 months ago. It took 10 months to reach 10,000, then it took 7 more months to reach 20,000, and now only 3 months to hit 30,000. I’m no math genius, but that tells me that we’ll hit 100,000 in 6 weeks! Maybe not, who knows. But as always, we are so appreciative to everyone who reads this, and the same goes for those looking for weird animal-food pornography and end up on our site. Either way, thanks very much!


The MHK Staff


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