Time-Saver of the Week!

May 27, 2011

In another installment of a good way to keep some tasty variety in your kitchen while not sacrificing time, the MHK recommends this product: pre-cooked pulled pork.  There are a few brands that produce this – out here we have Lloyd’s and Sweet Baby Ray’s.  It can usually be found with the hams and bacon products in the supermarket. It usually has sauce already in it, and I’ve seen different flavors to choose from. Obviously it’s not nearly as good as pulled pork from a BBQ joint – but it will work in a pinch. Heat it on the stovetop (it only takes about 8 minutes to get hot), then slop it on some rolls with coleslaw for a traditional BBQ sandwich; spoon it on to tortillas with some salsa and cheese for soft tacos, or with rice and salsa in a burrito; mix it with pasta for a nice change of pace; or just eat it as is with some corn and a salad. It’s a good way to add some variety to your weekly menu, and it’s quick to make. Let us know your favorite way to use pulled pork. Enjoy!


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