Juicy Burgers? Pretty Much.

June 2, 2011

People are always on the hunt for a good burger, and here at the MHK we are doing our part to find the best ones around. We have already posted about In N’ Out and Five Guys, and Burger Centric, and I believe we made mention of how fantastic the burger was at Dinosaur BBQ. So last night we tried what is apparently a national chain, Juicy Burgers. Are they the best around? No. But they do have quality food at reasonable prices, and that’s always a good thing.

The Juicy Burgers facility in Guilderland was very clean and inviting, and the staff was exceptionally friendly. Their menu is fairly simple – it’s pretty much just burgers, with a few entrée salads like the Caesar, the spinach salad, and the BLT salad.  For burgers, there are a good number of toppings to choose from; some of the less common ones include spicy peppers, roasted red peppers, basil pesto sauce, and Cajun mayo.  They also have several preconceived combinations if you’re having trouble deciding what to get. Last night we tried the bacon cheeseburger with blue cheese, the Cajun burger, and a regular burger with Swiss cheese. Juicy Burgers also has French fries, onion rings, and sweet potato fries; you can get a ½-pound order of any for just $2.50, or get a combo for $2.99. We got the fries and rings.

With regard to overall quality of the burgers themselves, they were ok; somewhat juicy, cooked to the temperature we ordered them, but nothing too special. The bacon and blue cheese tasted fine, and the lettuce and tomato were nice and fresh. The Cajun burger featured Cajun spices, Cajun mayo and spicy peppers; we also added sautéed onions and pickles. The “spicy” peppers were just banana peppers, which are really not that spicy, so that was a bit disappointing. The Cajun spices and mayo were quite good, giving a tasty flavor to the burger. The sautéed onions were nicely cooked as well. The regular cheeseburger with Swiss was very average.  The burger buns had a nice texture, but they were too large for the size of the burger patties – there was probably a good inch of space between the edge of the patty and the edge of the bun. The fries and rings were decent enough; the fries had a small amount of seasoning and the rings were tender, but again, nothing special.

Dinner for three, including drinks, cost around $9 per person, so not a bad value. But unless you happen to be nearby a Juicy Burgers location, there’s no need to seek one out.



  1. Pat and I have been going to Juicy Burgers for years. We never took you there cuz In ‘N Out is better, but we’ve always enjoyed Juicy too.

    • In N Out is way, WAY better.

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