Always Saati-sfied

August 25, 2011

Someone once told me they thought this food blog was my full time job. Oh how I wish! No, unfortunately my need for actual income demands that I also have a day job. But in close proximity to said job is a wonderful place that I’ve been frequenting for lunch for over a year now, and I have no idea why I’m just getting around to reviewing it. It’s a fabulous deli and more, offering a huge variety of delicious food at cheaper-than-NYC-deli-prices.

Saati Deli and Catering has been in Newton Plaza for more than two years now. Often when a restaurant has a huge menu, it’s a detriment to the quality of the food, as the cooks spread themselves too thin and make a lot of mediocre food, instead of a small amount of really good food. This is not the case at Saati; everything we’ve had has been either very good or outstanding (as you’ll see from our star-rating). Saati’s menu features everything from breakfast (omelets, pancakes, egg sandwiches), to typical New York deli appetizers (knishes, matzo ball soup), to a wide array of salads, cold and hot sandwiches, burgers, and more. Plus for dessert they have homemade cookies and baklava. I’ll list everything we’ve had over the past year and then comment on a few of them:

Corned beef reuben; shwarma wrap; beef kabob wrap; spinach salad; mozzarella salad; egg salad sandwich with fried eggplant and roasted Red Peppers; cream cheese, fried eggplant, Zatar (Mediterranean spice) & tomato sandwich; Feta cheese, fried eggplant, pesto sandwich; oven roasted turkey sandwich with bacon; hot pastrami sandwich; blue cheese burger; and finally, the baklava.

You can tell just from that sampling the variety of influences present in Saati’s menu – Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, and good ol’ American. The shwarma and beef kabob wraps are particularly delicious. The shwarma features chunks of grilled chicken, wrapped with hummus, onions and wonderful spices. The beef kabob is more like a gyro than a kebob – the beef is sliced thin and is phenomenally flavored, and is also wrapped up with hummus and grilled onions. You’ll notice three items that contain fried eggplant – this is not like eggplant parmigiana where the eggplant is breaded and deep fried; Saati uses thin slices of eggplant, pan-fried until they’re almost crisp. They have great texture and flavor, and really add depth to the sandwiches. The deli sandwiches are quite large, with the meat piled high on your choice of bread, and are served with a juicy pickle spear and your choice of cole slaw, potato salad, or macaroni salad, all of which are made on the premises. The roasted turkey is also done in-house, making it fresh, tender and delicious. The pastrami sandwich is by far the best we’ve come across in the area – the meat is super juicy and sliced nice and thin. The salads are also quite large, and the ingredients are fresh and very tasty. The mozzarella salad features crisp romaine lettuce with tomato, roasted red peppers, red onion and fresh buffalo mozzarella, tossed with pesto and finished with a balsamic glaze; it’s as good as it sounds. The burger was also very good; lots of blue cheese melting all over caramelized onions – hard to beat that (unless you don’t like blue cheese, in which case that’s your fault, not theirs). Even Saati’s fries are terrific – crunchy and well seasoned on the outside, beautifully soft on the inside. The only dessert we’ve tried is the homemade baklava, and it was scrumptious.

Sandwiches, burgers and salads all range from around $7.99 to $9.99, so when you add a drink (like the perfect deli beverage, Dr. Brown’s soda) and tax, it usually comes out to around $11-$13 per person. That’s more expensive than other sandwich shops, but the quality of the food cannot compare. Saati’s food is pretty darn close to what you’d find in a New York City deli, but down there it’s hard to find a sandwich that costs less than $15. So the next time you’re craving really good deli food, don’t hesitate to head over to Saati – it’s well worth the time and money.

The Mouse House Kitchen gives Saati Deli and Catering 5 out of 5 stars!


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