Few Kudos for Kumo

October 3, 2011

There seems to be an abundance of small Asian restaurants springing up around the area lately – Mr. Fuji, Pho Yum (coming to the space where Mr. Asian once was), Ruby, Sake, and more recently, Kumo Sushi and Grill on Delaware Ave., occupying the building that previously housed Lauren’s House of Dogs.  Many of these places feature sushi along with other Japanese offerings, but so far, most of them have not reached beyond the realm of the average.

Kumo’s dining room is very small with only 5 tables or so, along with a three-stool sushi bar, leading us to believe that the bulk of their business is done via takeout and delivery. The menu is fairly typical – soups, salads, and appetizers that include edamame, shumai, gyoza, tempura, and the not-so-typical grilled squid. They have an extensive sushi, sashimi, and maki roll menu, featuring the usual fish and veggie fillings. They also offer teriyaki, tempura, and hibachi dinners.

For appetizers, we opted for the edamame, shrimp tempura, and grilled squid. We also tried the tuna tataki, salmon sashimi, and yellowtail sashimi, along with the vegetable tempura entrée, which came with miso soup and rice. The edamame was good – warm and tender, with just a little salt. The shrimp tempura was actually vegetable tempura with a couple of shrimp – somewhat disappointing in both the quantity of shrimp and quality of the tempura. The batter was a bit on the soggy side, and the taste was slightly bland. The grilled squid was about half terrific and half inedible. The middle section was cooked perfectly – tender and juicy, and the sauce had a nice tang to it. But the ends of the cephalopod were so overcooked that we could not bite through it – basically we could only eat half the dish. The tuna tataki was pretty good – the rare tuna was sliced super thin with a peppery coating on the outside, and was served with a tasty dipping sauce. Both sashimi offerings were fine – they tasted good, but weren’t anything special. The vegetable tempura was the same as the shrimp – I do like it when onion tempura is included, but there was still nothing to make us want it again. The miso soup was pretty good; not too salty.

Prices at Kumo are reasonable – appetizers range from $3.50-$9, sushi and sashimi are $2 per piece, rolls range from $4-$13, and entrees go from $9-$17. I have heard that the hibachi at Kumo is quite good, so perhaps we’ll try that at some point, but overall, we don’t see any reason to return.

The MHK gives Kumo Sushi and Grill 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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