Brands That Pop

October 19, 2011

Today we present another in our series of occasional posts about brands that we find worthy of blogging. Until recently, I’d always shied away from bagged popcorn. It always tasted stale and/or greasy, and/or overly salty, and left residue on the fingers. I have been a fan of that Smartfood white cheddar popcorn for a little while, but now we are happy to recommend a brand that far exceeds any bagged popcorn previously tried. Popcorn, Indiana is apparently a real place, and it’s also the name of several varieties of bagged popcorn. The first one we tried was their kettle corn (we had a coupon) – I’m not a huge kettle corn fan, but Mrs. MHK sure is, and we both agreed that Popcorn, Indiana’s kettle corn is fantastic. I’d argue that it’s just as good as when you buy kettle corn fresh at a farmer’s market or carnival (other than the fact that it’s not warm). It’s the perfect blend of sweet and salty – a very satisfying snack.

The other variety we tried is their Movie Theater Butter popcorn. It was with great hesitation that we tested this one out – a while ago we tried Smartfood’s version of the same flavor, and it was terrible; it had a weird aftertaste and didn’t resemble movie theater-style popcorn at all. Popcorn, Indiana’s version, however, is a huge success. It’s not at all greasy, but really does taste just like the concession stand offering (and about half the price).

So now we are eager to test out their other flavors like white cheddar, buffalo cheddar, bbq, and plain old salted. No, it’s not the healthiest snack you can find – but it’s healthier than others, and everything’s ok in moderation, right? Let’s hope so. Enjoy!


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