No Longer a McRib McVirgin

November 8, 2011

Today, for the first time, I tried a McRib. Now before many of you get on your high horses about eating healthy and avoiding McDonald’s, etc., let me say that I did this for you, the readers of this blog. I thought at least some of you might like to know what the big deal is – or even if it is a big deal at all – about this seldom-appearing sandwich that has garnered a cult following of sorts. Have I ever had the urge to try one? Nope. But I did so in the name of full disclosure, in the interest of providing as much foodie information as possible to anyone reading. This was an act of pure altruism, folks – I promise.

Ok, so let’s get to it. I think one reason that many people avoid the McRib is the name; it sure sounds unappetizing. The truth is there is no rib meat on the McRib – it’s mostly pork shoulder meat, with some, er…other pork parts thrown in as well. It’s probably best to not know, kind of like hot dogs or that stuff in the school cafeteria. But I guess they couldn’t call it the “McShoulder” or even just “McPork.” Regardless, the name turns people off. And upon seeing the sandwich up close and personal, it doesn’t look all that delicious either. It’s a gray slab of meat topped with a lot of BBQ sauce, onion slivers, and pickle slices. And so, I took a bite.

The verdict? Meh. It’s definitely not terrible, and certainly edible. The meat is actually quite tender and moist, not dry and chewy like I was expecting. The onions and pickles tasted remarkably fresh for McDonald’s, but the BBQ sauce was not very good – way too sweet and syrupy. But overall, it could have been much, much worse.

Now I still don’t get why people clamor over these things, why they can’t wait until the next time McDonald’s allows their existence, limited as it may be. It’s a very average sandwich – I never thought I’d say this, but there are much tastier items at the Golden Arches. But at least now I have the personal experience with which I can criticize, rather than using presumptive judgments I’ve made in the past about those who enjoy the McRib. And now you have the knowledge as well. Use it wisely. Enjoy.



  1. I’ve come to decide that eating at McDonald’s is like listening to cheesy pop music. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it in moderation. I’ve been digging their Cinnamon Bites, or whatever they are called for the last week or so. Makes a yummy breakfast. But pretty soon, just like after listening to a cheesy pop song once too many times, I’ll get sick of it an move on.

    • I’d argue that McDonald’s is easier to stomach and less vomit-inducing than most pop music today.

  2. I agree that the McRib is edible, but not something I must rush out for when it’s released as a “limited time” offering. In my opinion, the best limited entree they ever created was the “Patty Melt”, it’s insanely good, but been years since they’ve reintroduced it. “McRib” is the only appetizing name you could give it; “McBovine, McPig, and McRooter-Tooter” just don’t attact me.

    • Well it’s pork, so McBovine wouldn’t apply. I like McRooter-Tooter – that;’s truth in advertising!

  3. there is a theory that the mcrib’s availability correlates very strongly with low pork prices. unrelated to the flavor but kinda interesting..

    • That’s probably a very valid theory.

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