Thank You, Trader Joe’s. Thank You.

January 9, 2012

The buzz around town here in NY’s capital over the past three days revolves around the announcement of a certain grocery store chain confirming its plans to open a store this summer. And unless you didn’t read the title of this post, you already know which one I’m talking about. Now I’m usually a quiet, reserved person, but in the wake of this news, please indulge me if I just go off track for a moment and say WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! TRADER JOE’S IS COMING TO MY TOWN!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!

Ahem. Ok, enough lack of professionalism. But yes, the fabulous market has finally made its way to our humble little hamlet, and most of the people around here – mainly the ones who have been to a TJ’s before – couldn’t be happier. There are those who are focusing on the added traffic the store will bring to the already car-heavy Wolf Road, but to them I say: good, you stay away – that’ll make more room for the rest of us. There is no doubt that for the first several weeks or so after the store’s opening, it will be mobbed and cars will be lined up waiting to get in the parking lot. But it won’t last – things will settle down and it will become very manageable. Case in point – the Fresh Market in Latham. When that first opened, it was a zoo – people packed into the aisles like organic sardines. But now you can go any time of day and cruise around sardine-free (unless you’re buying sardines).

Another recurring comment I see is “What’s the big deal about Trader Joe’s? They’re not that great. Why is everyone so excited?” or words to that effect. Well again, to them I say: good, you stay away – that’ll leave more delicious prepared foods, sauces, breads, pastas, frozen foods, etc. for the rest of us. Seriously, why are you upset that people are happy because a store they like is coming to where they live? That would be like me getting upset because they’re opening a Hot Harry’s burrito place in Latham. I don’t particularly care for that establishment, but apparently some people do, which is why they are opening another store in the area. If people want sub-par pseudo Mexican food (in my opinion), fine by me. If people want high quality grocery foods at reasonable-to-low prices, it should be fine by you.

We will of course have updates as the place gets closer to opening. If anyone reading this knows how the MHK might get invited to some sort of ceremonial grand opening, please email us. Thanks. 🙂


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