You’ll Be Glad You Chose Bros.

June 20, 2012

When Bros. Tacos opened 6 years ago, us California transplants rejoiced at the addition of semi-authentic Mexican food in a taqueria format to the Albany area. The two brothers who opened the restaurant had toured around the Southwest getting ideas and ingredients for their taco eatery, so we were very hopeful. Quality-wise, it was good for a few visits, but after a while it got a little stale and the novelty wore off. We avoided Bros. for many years, but after hearing that they revamped their menu and made some changes with their ingredients and preparations, we gave them another try…and it’s rejoicing time once again. Bros. Tacos is now serving fantastic taqueria food consistently, and we couldn’t be happier.

Their selection of tacos hasn’t changed too much – you can choose from chicken, steak, shrimp, fish, veggie, ground beef, in a variety of sauces, served on homemade corn tortillas. New varieties include pineapple shrimp, “Yaki” chicken in a teriyaki sauce with corn and beans, homemade chorizo – yes, homemade chorizo – salmon, and Portobello mushroom. The ingredients are fresh and delicious, made to order every time. You can choose from the same fillings for their burritos (which are quite large), and Bros. now features an extensive list of homemade salsas. Other new menu items include homemade tamales, empanadas, tortas (Mexican sandwich), and enchiladas.

On recent visits we have tried the ground beef empanada, chicken enchiladas, ground beef torta, pork torta, chorizo tacos, and a chicken burrito. Everything was spectacular. The empanadas were full of flavor, fried to the perfect crispy and chewy texture to house the savory ground beef mixture. The enchiladas were very tasty, the perfectly cooked chicken in a red sauce with cheese and seasoned with care. The tortas were topped with tomatoes, pickled jalapenos, avocado, and a lime mayo, then grilled like Panini – the meats were tender and juicy, and the toppings added a fresh dimension, creating a marvelous sandwich treat. The chorizo tacos were also very good – any time you can get homemade chorizo it’s a blessing. It was succulent and spicy, topped with pico de gallo and tomatillo salsa – simply delicious. The burrito was filled with beans, rice, chipotle sour cream, guacamole, and red salsa – it weighed a ton but the flavors were perfect, like an authentic burrito should be.

A must-have at Bros. is their corn on the cob. Those who have lived in areas with large Latino populations are probably familiar with the street vendors who sell corn on the cob topped with a variety of ingredients, from cheese to mayo (yes, mayo), salsa, butter, and many others. Bros. has recreated this tasty treat, topping their tender corn with lime mayo, cotija cheese, and a very spicy chili powder. Years ago the corn was good, but had no spice to it. Now it’s utterly fantastic, but unfortunately it’s only available when corn is in season.

Prices at Bros. are very reasonable – burritos range from $6-$9, tacos run $3 apiece (you can get two tacos with rice and beans for only $6.75), and the tortas, empanadas and enchiladas are all under $7. It is far and away the closest thing to a real taqueria in the area, and we are lucky to have it.

The Mouse House Kitchen gives Bros. Tacos 4 out of 5 stars!



  1. So glad to see you back! Perhaps
    We’ll give bros a try soon 😉

    • That we should, thanks!

  2. […] and authentic Chinese place opened, and as we mentioned in a recent post, we now have a very good taqueria-style Mexican joint. The Thai options still remain hit-or-miss, though we had come across one that did at least some […]

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