Insalata Estiva

July 24, 2012

An Italian summer salad really hits the spot on a muggy evening; particularly this one, based on a recipe from foxnews.com. The freshness of the ingredients is key – tomatoes that are just ripe, a quality mozzarella, and prosciutto makes everything awesome, right? We used jarred hot banana peppers, but mild ones would be fine, if you are opposed to the spicy. You get sweet from the tomatoes and cukes, salt from the prosciutto, great texture from the cheese, a little bite from the peppers…it’s a tasty summer meal. Enjoy!

Italian Summer Salad

(serves 2)

2/3 cup fresh unsalted mozzarella chunks
Kosher salt
1 minced garlic clove, pressed to a paste with a little salt on a cutting board
1 Tbsp chopped banana peppers
1 1/2 Tbsp white vinegar
1 cup chopped cucumber
1 tsp red-wine vinegar
2 Roma tomatoes, roughly chopped
3 Tbsp olive oil
8 slices prosciutto, roughly torn

In a mixing bowl, lightly salt the mozzarella. In another bowl, combine the garlic paste, peppers, and white vinegar. Mix well and let everything sit for 5 minutes. Add the cucumber, wine vinegar, and tomato to a third bowl. Add the pepper mixture, olive oil, prosciutto, and mozzarella. Mix well. Eat!



  1. Really, FOX News?

    • I put aside my political beliefs when it comes to good food.

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