About the Mouse House Kitchen

Food. We all eat it.  We all like it, in one form or another.

I cook at home almost every day, and it’s always an interesting experience, whether I make a recipe I’ve made many times before, or try a new one, or accidentally create a masterpiece, or burn my finger.  I’m also amazed at how good vegetarian cuisine can be, and I’m very into Mexican, Indian, Asian and Greek foods.  So I decided to start a food blog for all these experiences.  I will feature a “Recipe of the Week” and will share my food experiences at home and (on occasion) from restaurants, as well as interesting culinary tidbits that I come across.  Dig in.



  1. nice blog! something everyone can follow

    • Thanks very much!

  2. Hi,

    is it ok if I use your “Mabo Tofu” photo in a forum to represent tht dish? I’ve actually used it and linked it back to your blog but if you dun like that I’ll delete it.
    Sorry ^.^ I thought it was usual and ok to use images and linked them back to its owner..until I read from somewhere that some may not like tht..that’s why I’m askin now.. ^.^

    Thank you.


    • Hi Koosha,
      Feel free to use it! Thanks for asking though!

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