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Birthday Cake…or Brownies, or Tiramisu, etc…

December 23, 2010

The proud owner and founder of the Mouse House Kitchen turns [edited by owner] years old today, and we at the MHK have been granted most of the day off in honor of the event.  But we did want to say a quick word about birthday cakes and such.

According to Wikipedia, the origin of birthday cakes can be traced back to ancient Rome: “In classical Roman culture, ‘cakes’ of flat rounds made with flour containing nuts, leavened with yeast, and sweetened with honey were served at special birthdays.”  They must have eaten those in between orgies and gladiator fights.  As for the lighting of candles on birthday cakes, Wikipedia says it goes back a few hundred years:  “This tradition can be traced to Kinderfest (Kinder is the German word for ‘children’), an 18th century German birthday celebration for children.”

Fascinating…ish.  The most important thing, really, is what kind of cake/dessert do you prefer on your birthday?  I grew up a big fan of ice cream cakes, but the traditional frosted cake always hit the spot.  Throughout the years, I have grown more fond of birthday brownies rather than cake.  And now after a few years of attending kids’ b-day parties, I am growing weary of the same traditional frosted cake over and over. 

Our beloved leader, the head Mouse himself, is off to a birthday lunch where he will be consuming a non-traditional birthday tiramisu.  What’s the most unconventional birthday dessert you’ve had?  Mousey minds want to know!